norfolk gin bottle on a gate in a field

Norfolk Gin

Norfolk Gin is crafted in small batches by husband and wife team, Jonathan and Alison, in the heart of Norfolk’s fine city, Norwich. With a shared passion for quality gin and a lot of love for the place they call home, Norfolk Gin was launched in 2014.

Made in what’s known as the traditional ‘bathtub’ method, our premium, hand crafted gin features a unique combination of fragrant botanicals that are carefully sourced and lovingly grown at home in the Norfolk Gin garden.

Norfolk Gin is a vibrant, juniper-led gin with herbaceous notes of cardamon and coriander, carefully balanced with a touch of spice, a hint of sweetness and fragrant citrus. Rich and refreshing in taste, it makes THE ​perfect G&T, or gin cocktail.​

Famed not only for its unique, fresh flavour, Norfolk Gin’s beautifully designed bottles are becoming as iconic as the gin itself. We pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail which is why each and every Wade ceramic bottle of Norfolk Gin carries a unique batch and bottle number and is filled, labelled and sealed by hand especially for you.

We care about you and the environment which is why all our hand crafted bottles are reusable. Many of our customers upcycle them and use them as decorative and useful objects because they’re just too beautiful to throw away! You can even pop to your nearest supplier, and they’ll refill them for you, saving on any waste and helping to protect the world we live in.

Did you know?

Every batch of Norfolk Gin is distilled to the sounds of our favourite playlists. We’re music-loving folk and enjoy the creative process of gin-making while listening to our top tunes. And fun fact for you, the sound waves actually help to mix the gin, which is why we’re called Norfolk Gin - the one with the music in!


  • 1 Norfolk Gin
  • 1 Campari
  • 1 Sweet Vermouth
Glass Type:
  • Tumbler
  • Mix in tumbler with ice

Perfect Thyme

  • 1 Norfolk Gin
  • 3 Tonic Water
  • Thyme
Glass Type:
  • Any
  • Add ice, Norfolk Gin and Tonic. Muddle Thyme


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